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I'm The Crafty Hoarder. I'm Caroline Davies. A mum of two girls and wife to an amazing husband. For many years I was a Primary School Teacher right here in the UK. In 2016, after much thought, we decided to take a new direction as a family and for me to begin my new venture in life, so here I am. Part time artisan, part time music educator.

I am always on the look out for a new project and try to go out of my way to ensure it's something my customers will love. The Crafty Hoarder is different to others because even though I offer particular products for sale, I will always endeavour to personalise it so that it's totally yours.


We dream up, design and create fab crafted goods.

We hunt, source and hoard lovely retro items.

We offer these wonderments to you, because we're nice like that.