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I'm The Crafty Hoarder. I'm Caroline Davies. A mum of two girls and wife to an amazing husband. For many years I was a full time Primary School Teacher. In 2016, after much thought, we decided to take a new direction as a family, and for me to begin my new venture in life so here I am. Part time artisan, part time music educator.

In 2022, I spent the summer volunteering with Vysions Youth Service which is something that I am passionate about and keen to do more of after growing up with both parents doing voluntary youth week every week.

From experimental projects to commissioned work for customers, I’ve had the opportunity to create a variety of gifts, keepsakes and decorations. I thrive on creative challenges and enjoy building strong relationships along the way.

We dream up, design and create fab crafted goods.

We hunt, source and hoard lovely retro items.

We offer these wonderments to you, because we're nice like that.



I am always on the look out for a new project and try to go out of my way to ensure it's something my customers will love. The Crafty Hoarder is different to others because even though I offer particular products for sale, I will always endeavour to personalise it so that it's totally yours.


Our passion for sustainability is strong, so we strive to use reclaimed materials wherever we can. This also means we try not to waste materials or energy, and our studio lighting is currently 100% solar powered! We're looking at expanding this in the near future. Throughout the year, we also give donations to World Land Trust for nurturing, planting, and for the protection of trees that will help restore a forest for wildlife.


During the year we visit car shows, steam rallys and artisan markets, bringing our wares and varying what we have on display. We only enjoy attending an event if our kids can be involved too. We believe that they learn a lot from the experience as well as meet new people and see new things. It also allows us to network with other crafters, sharing and learning along the way.

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